Timmins Gold Mine Embraces Taper PLUS™ and Saves 17.3%

A gold mine in Timmins has adopted Taper PLUS™ technology as a standard on its products since February 2016. Within the first 3 weeks of adopting this new process, multiple orders totalling 327 holes have been converted from traditional drilling to Taper PLUS™ providing a 17.3% price reduction resulting in direct cost savings in excess of $2,300.

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Instant Order Savings

  • Order 1
    22 line items applying Taper PLUS™ for a total of $1,686.40 saving resulting to 17.8% price reduction
  • Order 2
    4 pieces converted to Taper PLUS™ saving $201.21 resulting to a 18.2% price reduction
  • Order 3
    1 part using Taper PLUS™ generating a saving of $201.90 with a 15.4% price reduction
  • Order 4
    2 pieces using Taper PLUS™ providing a discount of 12.4% resulting to a $226.04 price saving
  • Technology

  • State of the art high definition 400Amp Plasma unit
  • Messer Infinity rotator
  • Custom process driven algorithm to achieve hole geometry requirements
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