Backfill Piping Systems


Product Description

Carriere Industrial offers a complete line of mine piping solutions for hydraulic backfill, tailings and slurries applications. Depending on your operating environment pipe linings such as rubber, ceramic, poly lined (UHMW), bimetallic with weld overlay and induction hardened pipe are available to meet mining abrasive and erosion wear challenges. A complete line of hydraulic slide diverter valves for all pressure requirements are also available. Carriere Industrial will assist you making the correct material selection for your operation to ensure the best value for your specific application.

Market Differentiators

Carriere Industrial mine piping systems represent various technologies to meet mining abrasion-resistant piping requirements. There are many alternatives available, each possessing unique properties and have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Proper selection of piping material is imperative to ensure your investment will meet your mine piping objectives. Our technical staff will assist you in your piping project and will provide the options best suited for your application. Our product line of silicon carbide, ceramic matrix, or chromium carbide welded overlay lined pipe are designed for extreme abrasion and our rubber lined product works best in fine particle wet slurries. Induction hardened pipe and bends for high wear lines are designed to meet customer non-destructive testing requirements. A complete line of hydraulic diverter valves offer easy pipe diversions during operating or emergency situations. CIS has piping available for both low pressure and high pressure requirements and can be supplied with various mechanical pipe joining systems.

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