Truck Bodies


Product Description

Carriere Industrial provides rock and ejector truck bodies for most OEM underground trucks. Our innovative designs are structurally reinforced in the high impact loading area to match your loading equipment and conditions and also include a customized wear liner system to meet your material characteristics. Choosing our truck bodies will increase production and reduce maintenance costs and is an investment that will outlast the life of your truck and one that will be available for use on the next one.

Market Differentiators

The design of the truck body was achieved to address several customer concerns. Our customers’ required a truck body that was designed to meet the tough application of underground mining along with increased longevity. Traditional truck bodies require major overhaul due to the structural damage incurred during loading leading sometimes to the purchase of a new truck body. Carriere Industrial truck bodies meet the challenge of today’s tough mining environment by increasing the structural strength of the body while ensuring that the design does not decrease payload. Heavy duty castings are strategically placed in critical areas of the body and the floor is reinforced structurally to mitigate impact damage in the loading zone. Bolted in liner packages are designed to reduce body floor, fender and side wall wear and carry back. These features lead to a stronger and tougher body requiring less maintenance downtime leading to lower costs. For many customers without ramp access, Carriere Industrial truck bodies are designed to be assembled underground with the greatest ease.

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