Descender – Modular Raise Lining


Descender is a permanent raise lining system installed in compression, from top to bottom. Efficient installations and fully customized components make it an optimum solution for lining ore passes, vent raises and installing escapeways with numerous available configurations.

  • Safe (no overhead work)
  • Small work area footprint
  • Easy to mobilize and set-up
  • Installed in days/weeks
  • Customizable components


Descender – Ore Pass

CIS Descender - Ore Pass Modular Raise Lining Solutions

Protection, Preservation, Rehabilitation

Millions of dollars are spent developing and constructing muck circuits, which are integral to mine output. Descender Ore Pass is a cost-effective solution for protecting and preserving these passes from deterioration through the use of a wear-resistant lining system. Quickly mobilized and installed, Descender is also ideal for rehabilitation of existing Ore Passes getting you back to optimal production as soon as possible.


Descender – Escapeway


Safe, Secure & Permanent

Solid-steel Escapeways can be deployed in days, providing a safe, permanent and fully enclosed method of egress with the added security of stamped and engineered tie-off points, landings and handrails.


Descender – Vent (Escapeway + Vent)

Descender Vent provides a quick solution to your vent raise needs as well as optional ground support. The uniform shape and smooth surface of this system provide for suitable “K” factors, improving system efficiency. When required, Descender Escapeway system can integrate with the Descender Vent system to offer a multi-faceted lined raise solution.

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