Hydraulic Diverter Valves


  • Monitored Controls Option
  • 1500 - 3500 PSI
  • 3", 4" 5", 6" or 8"

Hydraulic diverter valves by Ultra Tech are used for directional control or shut-off and can accommodate the configuration of your choice. Most commonly used for 2-way or 3-way slurry and backfill applications, these rugged high-pressure valves are fabricated utilizing hardened wear plates and floating seal rings which result in dependable, easy to use flow control operation.

3-Way Hydraulic Diverter Valves

The highly versatile and 3-way slurry valve can operate as a double diversion valve with one inlet, two outlets and a clean out port for each; or with one inlet, a priming port and two clean out ports with a stop plug.

For lighter duty applications or when space is limited, check out Carriere Industrial Supplies Industrial Diverter Valves serviced and manufactured locally here in Sudbury.

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