Repair Coatings

Today’s repair coatings technologies and custom linings include ceramic epoxies for wear resistance, insulation and thermal protection. Intumescent Fireproofing, High-build structural epoxies, fibreglass and flexible membrane liners.


Structural Epoxy Repair Coatings

Rehabilitate damaged areas or line newly installed structures with heavy-duty compressive strength and high flexural properties.

  • Two-stage surface preparation with chemical
    resistant epoxy mortar
  • Structural epoxy adheres and cures underwater
  • Superior performance in closed tanks, pipes and
    underground structures
  • Surface tolerant adhesion in the most extreme environments


 Fiberglass Spray-on Coating & Lining System

High-performance FRP spray-on fibreglass coatings and liners restore and protect concrete and steel surfaces.

CTI’s proprietary system restores degraded pipe surfaces and combats the effects of corrosion in chemically damaged containment areas.  Touch-ups and long-term maintenance are simple, keeping you in service longer.

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