Bucket Audit Tool


The bucket audit program was developed to assist the maintenance department and bring focus to areas of concerns pertaining to their mobile fleet wear requirements. Every audit round details the needed resources to keep the plants mobile fleet performing and ensure highest possible machine availability.

Several report levels are available in the application illustrating a summary or details areas of concerns based on your requirements.

All of these audits are retained in a historical database which can be viewed and filtered in several methods providing an encompassing timeline view by asset. This information can be referenced in order to monitor performance of units by hours and tonnages processed as well as fitment information.

The audit tool was developed to help guide the user to ensure all equipment is viewed and tracked throughout it wear lifecycle. The application has been built to be used in a connected or standalone state in order to provide maximum flexibility to the end user. The auditing tablet PC is synchronized to a master database via an internet feed when available. This in turn allows any number of PC’s or any area of the world to have the application installed and the data available.

In summary, here are the main benefits of using this program:

  • Managed listing of equipment requiring auditing
  • Ability to record specific areas of concerns with the equipment
  • Provides a chronological timeline history of audited asset
  • Report generation from summary to check point specific detail