Managed Cataloguing Process


Fully Automated Catalogue Process for Wear Liners

Customers using our Linerwear solution can also benefit with business to business (B2B) integrated solutions. Our information technology can accurately maintain pricing of thousands of line items found in the Linerwear database. For the most part we can generate complete pricing information that meets your entreprise system requirements within minutes of making design changes.

For the past 10 years we have provided this service with guaranteed 100% pricing accuracy. Clear business processes are mapped out ensuring that not only that the Linerwear database is correct, your entreprise information systems is also accurately maintained accurately. Continuous improvement is built into the process ensuring that engineering changes are quickly addressed and pricing updates are methodically followed up with proper correspondence.

Over 25,000 unique wear liners are managed through this cataloguing process in over 35 active plants. The managed cataloguing process is a proven practice that provides our clients accurate and timely product pricing along with much needed integration within the supply chain process.