Descender – Escapeway

Solid Steel Escapeway and Vent Raise Solution

Escapeway and ventilation needs are always changing as we mine deeper at an accelerated rate. Sub-levels are further apart due to more accurate blasting, mechanized methods are creating larger excavations and reduced stope access points are resulting in fewer ventilation options. Creating an ever-growing demand for more efficient, more reliable and safer means of fulfilling egress and ventilation requirements. Descender is CIS’s innovative solution to rapidly constructing escapeways, and lining raises, shafts and ore passes.


  • structurally reinforced to reduce ground support requirements
  • fully enclosed structure/clean, dry & debris free for safe travel
  • engineered and stamped/maintenance free
  • load certified and proven design
  • optional separate ventilation compartment
  • components range from 45” to 14’ diameter
  • top to bottom installation/no overhead work
  • engineered tie-offs points built-in
  • material grade and thickness options
  • installations can be completed in days

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