Descender – Ore Pass


Relative to overall mine infrastructure costs, ore pass development is relatively cheap. Comparatively, losses in the event of failure can be excessive, and once degradation of the wall structure has begun, conventional methods of rehabilitation have had insufficient results. Unless the pass is abandoned altogether due to feasibility issues, mandatory recovery methods are employed. Ineffective, dangerous, costly, and continuing for months, sometimes years, without any guarantees that production will ever be restored.  IN THE EVENT OF ORE PASS FAILURE, DESCENDER CAN HAVE YOU BACK AT FULL PRODUCTION WITHIN DAYS, OR WEEKS.


Permanent – Wear Resistant – Structural Reinforcement

Ore pass design has always involved some compromise between cost, production reliability, efficiencies, and contingency planning. More efficient flow-through designs come with added expense due to necessary (and costly) contingency measures. Muck moves more freely with this scheme. However, it degrades the ore pass at a faster rate resulting in early failure. Anyone of the following can contribute to ore pass loss: structural breakdown, scaling of walls, impact, abrasion and blast damage. DESCENDER VIRTUALLY ELIMINATES THESE FACTORS BY INSTALLING A SOLID, WEAR RESISTANT STRUCTURE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

Look at CIS Descender – Escapeway as a permanent and fireproof solution to mine egress.


Descender – Features, Benefits & Considerations

  • reduced ground control requirements such as screening, cable bolting & shotcrete
  • uniform surface means fewer hang-ups, regardless of incline
  • components are available in round or square profiles accommodating all excavation methods
  • most effective & efficient method of rehabilitation available
  • installed from top to bottom; no overhead work
  • no open holes and minimal moving parts
  • complete installations in days
  • material grade and thickness options
Descender - Ore Pass Lining Solution

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