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Descender – Ore Pass

CIS Descender - Ore Pass Modular Raise Lining Solution

A Modular Solution to Ore Pass Failure

Descender is a permanent ore pass solution that provides wear resistant, structural reinforcement installed from the top to bottom of an ore pass. In the event of an ore pass failure, our modular lining system can have you back in full production, quickly, efficiently, and permanently.

  • Safe installation
  • Small work area footprint
  • Easy to mobilize and set-up
  • Installed in days or weeks (rather than months or years)
  • Fully customizable to meet your requirements


Protect and Preserve


The movement of ore is critical to an underground mining operation. Millions of dollars are spent developing and constructing muck circuits, which are integral to mine output. Descender Ore Pass is a cost-effective solution for protecting and preserving these passes from deterioration through the use of a customizable lining system. Quickly mobilized and installed, Descender is also ideal for rehabilitation of existing Ore Passes getting you back to optimal production as soon as possible.

Increased Uptime


Relative to overall mine infrastructure costs, ore pass development is relatively cheap. Comparatively, losses in the event of failure can be excessive, compacted by the fact that once degradation of the wall structure has begun, conventional methods of rehabilitation have had insufficient results. Unless the pass is abandoned altogether due to feasibility issues, mandatory recovery methods are employed. However, they are ineffective, dangerous, costly, and can continue for months, sometimes years, without any guarantees of renewed production. In the event of an ore pass failure, CIS Descender can have you back at full production within weeks.

Reliable Flow-Through


Ore pass design has always involved some compromise between cost, production reliability, efficiencies, and contingency planning. More efficient flow-through designs come with added expense due to necessary (and costly) contingency measures. Muck moves more freely with this scheme. However, it degrades the ore pass at a faster rate resulting in early failure. Any of the following can contribute to ore pass loss: structural breakdown, scaling of walls, impact, abrasion and blast damage. Descender virtually eliminates these factors by installing a solid, wear resistant structure from top to bottom.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced ground control requirements such as screening, cable bolting & shotcrete
  • Uniform surface means fewer hang-ups, regardless of incline
  • Components are available in round or square profiles accommodating all excavation methods
  • Most effective & efficient means of rehabilitation available
  • Installed from top to bottom; no overhead work
  • No open holes and minimal moving parts
  • Complete installations in days
  • Material grade and thickness options

Other Descender Solutions:

Descender Escapeway

CIS- Descender Escapeway Modular Raise Lining System

Descender Escapeway provides a fully enclosed structure that is clean, dry and free of debris for secondary egress manways.
Modular features can be installed in various combinations as a turnkey solution to meet your needs. Features include:

  • Pre-installed ladder systems;
  • Pre-installed rest platforms with hinged counter-weighted doors;
  • Integrated handrails at all access points;
  • Optional ventilation compartment


Descender Vent

CIS - Descender Vent Raise Lining

Descender Vent provides a quick solution to your vent raise needs as well as optional ground support. The uniform shape and smooth surface of this system provide for suitable “K” factors, improving system efficiency.

Descender Escape + Vent

CIS - Descender Escapeway/Vent

When required, Descender Escapeway system will be integrated with the Descender Vent system to provide a multi-faceted lined raise solution.


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